eyeSafeMojo Training program – under construction

eyeSafeMojo training for frontline and witness journalists, human rights defenders and environmental investigators oeprating in repressive environments.

  • SafeMojo Topics to be covered:
  • The basics of story gathering;
  • Security and Safety in Witness Broadcasting;
  • Putting into place Key Principles: Methodology, Factuality, Discipline, Verifiability,
  • Timeliness, Relevance, Agency of Change
  • Investigative journalism methodology and accessing explosive information;
  • Working with international media;
  • Communications Security;
  • Finding and protecting your sources;
  • Creating media savvy or focussed activism;
  • Verifying and Testing your information;
  • Crafting a story for maximum relevance, power and comprehension;
  • Countering and resisting security threats to human rights journalists;
  • Basic technical procedures for real time media dissemination (advanced units will also be held)

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