Welcome to EyeSafeMOJO: the Safe Witness Journalism Project


This site is under construction.

This is the blog site for the EyeSAFEMoJo: the Safe Witness Journalism Project, which will be looking at the new ideas for training and support of frontline media creators in repressive environments, for safe, secure communications, digital security, data gathering, and safety support for the following folks

  • citizen and professional journalists, especially human rights, civil resistance and human security journalists;
  • investigative journalists
  • human rights defenders
  • environmental investigators and defenders
  • anti-violence workers
  • sexual violence defenders
  • anti-trafficking investigators;
  • legal defenders;
  • and many more

The Safe Witness Journalism Project is also excited to be partnering with Blackphone by Silent Circle, as a easily deployable tool, and will be outlining the ways in which supporters can assist in our provision of this and other security support to where it is needed most.


Please stay tuned for the full launch soon.



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